Why I Curl: Chelsea Scruggs

It all started when my husband and I took a drive to Centerville, Wisconsin to participate in an Learn to Curl event. It was broken down into half the time being taught about the sport of curling, and the other half the time being able to actually participate in a game.

When my husband said he wanted to take me to this, I had no idea what curling really was. Sure, I had heard of it, but I still searched for a few YouTube videos to make sure what I thought was correct. Even after watching some videos, I had no idea what actually playing the sport would entail. But, I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to have fun with it because I like adventure and trying new things… so why not, right?

Pretty quickly, we realized that it was so much fun! It was a sport that could be done at any skill-level. We went from thinking “Sure, I can push a stone down the ice” to “Wow, there is actually skill to this sport” ... which is SO much fun to figure out! It can be done at any competitive level- simply for fun, or even to get a bit of your competitiveness out.  Not to mention, everyone in the sport of curling wants you to succeed and is willing to help you at any time.

As we exited the ice area and warmed up inside, we quickly started asking about leagues. To our luck, they had a beginner’s league starting the next week.  What started with a “Learn to Curl” night turned into us joining a league. We knew we were hooked! Now we are thrilled to be involved in bringing that fun to our home of Rochester!

Naura Anderson