Why I Curl: Stephen Russell

Curling is a sport for all ages and abilities, and it is something I hope to continue to participate in well into my 70s. 

Specifically why do I curl? You get to slide on ice! Who does not like sliding on ice?  It helps bring out the little kid in me. In its simplest form, curling is something that all can participate in. You push a 42 pound stone down a 100+ foot sheet of ice, and hope that the stone comes into play. At the other end of the spectrum, it is a sport in which conditions are always changing, and participants are always having to react. The pebble on the ice is different every time a stone is thrown, the ice is always warming up or cooling down, losing pebble or gaining frost. Each shot is made or not made by a matter of millimeters on a sheet of ice that measures 130 x 15 feet. Anticipating when a stone is about to curl, communication amongst all team members to judge how fast the stone is traveling and whether it is still on line determines whether to sweep or not sweep. So much communication and so many decisions are being made during the 20 seconds it takes a stone to travel down the ice!

The sport can be mentally and physically draining, but when the shots are made there is no greater thrill.