Curling. In Rochester, Minnesota.


The Curling Club of Rochester is an organization devoted to bringing the great winter sport of curling back to the city of Rochester, Minnesota. While curling is a popular pastime throughout the state, and Rochester was once a part of this community, there are currently no venues for playing the sport in or near the city. We are working on changing this by securing a facility where local curlers and those interested in learning about the game can meet, play, and socialize together.

Currently, our group is focused on finding a viable facility in the Rochester area to host a curling club, with the eventual goal of opening and maintaining a thriving venue with dedicated ice. We are also organizing a series of “Learn to Curl” events at


existing clubs in the region in order to help promote our efforts. In addition, we hope to establish a winter league on local arena ice during the 2017-2018 season in order to give both new and experienced curlers an opportunity to play in our city.

If you are interested in helping us make curling in Rochester a reality again, or if you want more information about our upcoming events, please get in touch!

Find updates on our progress on our blog or Facebook.